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Entomology / Insects, Spiders, Bedbugs, Beetles, Pesticides

Forensic Discovery and Expert Testimony by Highly Experienced Expert

Entomologists, Arachnologists, Pest Control Specialists, and Other Scientists


Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D. and his Associated Science Experts offer expertise in the fields of entomology  /  /insects, and arachnology / spiders, plus rodents, pesticides / insecticides, and related topics, as well as their application to civil litigation, criminal cases, and insurance claims.  Our entomological and arachnological forensic expertise and forensic discovery are headed by a prominent Ph.D. Entomologist.  Included are forensic discovery and expert testimony in:

  • Forensic entomology and arachnology:

    • Homicide cases and accidental deaths - rate of decomposition of bodies, through study of flies, maggots, and other insects / larvae  [depends heavily upon weather conditions [see Meteorology, Weather, Sun, Moon, and Light]

    • Law suits and small claims - bites by insects, spiders, scorpions, and rodents; stings by bees (including Africanized honey bees).

    • Law suits and small claims - restaurants, hotels, motels, airlines, trains, etc.:  failure to eliminate ants, flies, cockroaches, mice, mosquitoes, spiders, bees, bedbugs, beetles, silverfish, and other unwanted small creatures from their premises, especially where food is served.

    • Law suits and small claims - failure of neighbors or landlords to eliminate unwanted ant nests, spider webbing, beehives, termite nests, gopher holes, stagnant water, and other sources of insect or rodent breeding.

    • Law suits and small claims - improper construction, allowing cracks and holes through which insects, spiders, scorpions, termites, and rodents may enter.  

    • Law suits and small claims - property damage or degradation by insects, spiders, termites, and rodents.

    • Law suits and small claims - complaints of improperly disposed garbage and trash - resulting in infestations of ants, flies, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, and worms, as well as mice, rats, and other vermin.

  • Insects, arachnids, and other creatures involved (includes, but not limited to)::

    • Ants.

    • Bedbugs.

    • Bees.

    • Beetles.

    • Box elder bugs.

    • Bugs of all types

    • Caterpillars.

    • Cockroaches.

    • Crickets.

    • Fleas.

    • Flies.

    • Gophers.

    • Gnats.

    • Insects of all types.

    • Lizards.

    • Mice.

    • Mosquitoes.

    • Moths.

    • Rats.

    • Roaches of all types.

    • Rodents of all types.

    • Scorpions.

    • Silverfish.

    • Spiders.

    • Tarantulas.

    • Termites.

    • Ticks.

    • Vermin of all types.

    • Worms.

  • Expert discovery and testimony regarding use of pesticides, insecticides, and  vermicides:

    • Improper exposure to pesticides, insecticides, and vermicides.

    • Improperly maintained pesticide application equipment.

    • Improper pest control practices.

    • Law suits - failure of governmental officials to properly abate mosquitoes, med flies, other insects, gophers, etc.

    • Law suits - failure of pest control companies to rid property of termites, ants, fleas, roaches, and other insects.

    • Law suits - failure to protect workers and employees from pesticides, insecticides, and vermicides.

    • Law suits - improper application of pesticides, insecticides, vermicides, or traps, thereby endangering humans (school children, employees, tenants, contractors, neighbors, or visitors), pets, farm animals, wild animals, birds, or fish.


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