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Floods / Hydrology;  Water Intrusion, Contamination, Shortages

Forensic Discovery and Expert Testimony by Highly Experienced  Expert Hydrologic

Engineers and Hydrometeorologists, plus Other Scientific Experts


Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D. and his Associated Science Experts offer the expertise of top hydrologic engineers, hydrologists, hydrometeorologists, hydroclimatologists, and hydrogeologists in the investigation and reconstruction of floods, runoff, streamflow, droughts / water shortages, and groundwater issues, including the flooding and inundations in New Orleans and along the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, August-September 2005, and from Ike on the Texas Gulf Coast in September 2008, plus Hurricane Irene along the Eastern Seaboard in August 2011 and Tropical Storm Lee along the Gulf Coast in September 2011.   

Our prominent hydrologic engineers are highly experienced in, court cases involving streamflow, runoff, flooding, flash floods, flood control, burned watersheds, mudflows, water resources, and groundwater issues (overdraft, depletion, seepage, and contamination), plus surface and groundwater modeling, throughout North America. 

We also have expertise in fields involving the consequences of floods and water intrusion, such as structural damage.  Many of our other experts also perform forensic discovery throughout the U.S. and Canada and can testify in any jurisdiction therein.

Our services range from a simple compilation of streamflow data, snow depth or water content data, reservoir level storage information, or ground water brief flood investigation comprehensive forensic discovery and expert testimony.   Our rates are reasonable and competitive. 

Included are:

  • Floods, inundations. *

  • Levee failures. *

  • Intrusions of surface water. *

  • Flood damage to buildings. *

  • Mud and debris flows.

  • Dam failures.

  • Effects of burned watersheds on runoff.

  • Reservoir operations.            

  • River currents:

    • Drift of bodies - investigations of homicides, suicides, accidents, drowning, etc.

    • Drift of debris, pollution, and oil.

  • Frozen lakes and rivers:  transportation delays, ice jams, thin-ice accidents.

  • Snow melt.

  • Avalanches.

  • Water seepage - above or below ground.

  • Intrusions of ground water.

  • Surface water, ground water, and/or soil pollution or contamination.

  • Evapotranspiration of water from soil, plants, roofs, and paved roads and walkways.

  • Drought, water shortages.  Illegal / improper use of allocated or rationed water.

  • Water rights / water law; ground water overdraft.

  • Other issues and aspects.

* including those of New Orleans and along the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, August-September 2005, and from Ike on the Texas Gulf Coast in September 2008, plus the Ohio, Missouri, Mississippi, and Red River flooding of spring 2011, plus that of Hurricane Irene in the eastern U.S., August 2011 and Tropical Storm Lee, Gulf Coast, September 2011..

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