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Meteorology / Weather / Climate;  Black Ice,  Dew, Sun Glare,

Sudden Wind Gusts, Dust Devils, Blowing Dust, Dense Fog 

Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony by Highly Experienced  Expert

Meteorologists and Climatologists, as well as by Other Scientific Experts


Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., and his Associated Science Experts offer forensic meteorological and climatological discovery, documentation, and investigation of recent and historical weather events, including rain, black ice, dew, strong winds and sudden wind gusts, dust storms, dust devils, fire weather, wind-blown pesticides, lightning, hail, snow, dense fog, freezing rain, sunrise / sunset, sun glare, twilight, and moonlight.

Our services range from the simple compilation of weather data to comprehensive expert analysis -- using unique specialties of The Associated Science Experts that are almost never seen in the discovery performed by other experts --along with expert analysis, mapping, and graphing of complex hydrometeorological phenomena, along with comparison to historical averages, frequency analysis, and reconstruction -- all leading to the finest possible expert testimony in depositions and court trials, often with trial exhibits prepared by our expert data analysis team.

Despite the highly advanced technology used by The Associated Science Experts, our rates are generally reasonable and competitive.

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Forensic Meteorologist and Climatologist,  is our Principal Scientist and Primary Expert Witness.

Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., Forensic Meteorologist and Climatologist, is an Expert Witness Meteorologist, a Foremost Modeling Expert on the subjects of Black Ice and Dew, a Soil and Water Quality Expert, Evapotranspiration Expert, and the GIS and Environmental Data Expert of The Associated Science Experts.

Lawrence D. Bregman, M.S., Forensic Meteorologist and Climatologist, is an Expert Witness Meteorologist and our Principal Air Quality Expert.  He is also an experienced Weather Forecaster.   

All three of these meteorologists, plus other meteorologists of The Associated Science Experts, are highly familiar with weather, sunrise, sunset, moon phase, and other meteorological and astronomical phenomena all over North America.  They and our other meteorologists and climatologists can usually accept forensic cases anywhere in the United States, and will testify in any jurisdiction therein. Mr. Wright is also soil and water quality sampling / testing / analysis experts.  Mr. Wright will usually be able to testify anywhere in Canada and in selected other countries, including Colombia.  Others are able to testify in Mexico and other countries. 

Our services range from simple single-item investigations to comprehensive forensic discovery and expert testimony, with modeling and experiments, ,including: 

  • Weather and Climate:

    • Rain, wind, snow,  lightning strikes, hail, fog, wet or icy roads / walkways.

    • Black ice or dew on asphalt, grass, concrete, metal, or other surfaces.

    • Freezing rain and re-frozen melting snow.

    • Temperature, humidity - including rapid changes and extremes; freezes.

    • Evapotranspiration -- significant to agriculture / crops and evaporation from wet or icy roads / walkways.

    • Severe thunderstorms, hail.

    • Microbursts, sudden wind gusts, dust devils.

    • Tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons.

    • Blowing dust and sand, mud storms (rain or snow falling through blowing dust).

    • Blowing snow (including blizzards).

    • Fire weather:  conditions favorable to spread of urban, brush, or forest fires.

    • Fires caused by power lines knocked down by wind-blown trees.

    • Smoke, falling ash - from large forest and brush fires or local sources.

    • Cloud cover - thin or thick:  clear, few clouds, scattered, broken, overcast with breaks, total overcast.

    • Coastal damage:  storm surges, high waves.

    • El Niño, La Niña, Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).

    • Air quality / air pollution - air transport modeling.

    • Wind drift of pesticides from locations of improper or illegal application to downwind farms or other locations.

    • Aircraft icing and turbulence, thunderstorms, low ceilings, and visibility.

    • Drought, rainfall / snowfall deficits.

    • Global warming / cooling; rising sea levels.

    • Documentation of public weather forecasts issued for given dates.

  • Sun, moon, and light:

    • Sun glare / sun's position (azimuth, elevation).

    • Sunrise / sunset / twilight (including civil twilight) 

    • Moonlight / moonrise / moonset / moon phase.

    • Light levels and glare - natural and artificial.

      • Possibly enhanced by refraction from clouds and/or haze, fog, dust, smog, smoke, or other air pollution.

      • Possibly reduced by dense fog, or by thick dust or smoke.

  • Resulting in, contributing to, or affecting:

    • Accidents, personal injury or illness, death (possible wrongful death).

    • Airline flight delays or cancellations.

    • Avalanches.

    • Beach erosion - local sand scouring.

    • Beach erosion - widespread, associated with El Niño and other ocean-wide or global phenomena.

    • Body decomposition processes and rates.

    • Cancellation of sports events, concerts, or other outdoor activities.

    • Construction delays.

    • Crop or livestock loss.

    • Damage to exposed interior structural elements by rain intrusion during construction or renovation.

    • Decomposition of bodies.

    • Deterioration of organic and inorganic substances.

    • Evidence in criminal cases.

    • Death / destruction of, or threat to, endangered species.

    • Fires and rapid fire spread.

    • Fishing industry - major fluctuations in yield because of El Niño and La Niña-induced migrations or       population increases / decreases of fish and shellfish.

    • Floods and mud flows.

    • Food spoilage.

    • Frostbite, hypothermia; other cold-related health problems.

    • Heat stroke, heat exhaustion; other heat-related health problems.  

    • Insect growth and reproduction - especially important in homicide cases.

    • Insurance claims.

    • Landslides, slope failures.

    • Mold, fungus, or rot.

    • Personal injury.   

    • Power interruptions or outages.   

    • Property damages, losses, or devaluation.

    • Roof leaks or collapses.   

    • Slip and fall.   

    • Structural damage or deterioration.

    • Toxic or radioactive gas and/or liquid diffusion, spread, or fallout.     

    • Tree and plant growth.     

    • Water contamination (contamination of or by water) - above or below ground.

    • Water damage (damage by water) - above or below ground.

    • Water seepage - above or below ground.


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