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Public Lectures and The Visiting Science Professor Program;

plus Public Awareness Programs, along with Scientific Textbooks, Online Seminars, Scientific Software, Documentaries for Television, DVD, and Internet, in addition to Scientific Videos & Photos


Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Principal Scientist of The Forensic Science Experts, Research & Development Division, plus his scientific colleagues, plus our scientific services companies, offers a great variety of public lectures and science documentaries, along with The Visiting Science Professor  program and other scientific services listed below.

Public Lectures:

  • Public lectures on scientific topics (see list below).

  • Public awareness programs, U.S., Canada, Mexico, and overseas, on such topics as floods, flash floods, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

  • The Visiting Science Professor program.  Visits by an  Forensic Science Experts, Inc. professor or lecturer to schools, colleges, universities, businesses, government agencies, rotary groups, and social organizations to present illustrated lectures or series of lectures on special scientific and engineering topics, (see list below).  Recorded versions of various lectures on film, tape, or DVD can be prepared and circulated in lieu of actual visits.

  • Educational films, videos, CDs, and DVDs on scientific topics (see list below).


  • Television science and engineering documentaries  (see list below for topics).

  • Science and engineering documentaries on DVD.

  • Customized Internet science and engineering documentaries and other Internet presentations, with secure access for subscribing customers.

Videos and Photo Images:

  • Specific video presentations, textbooks, and manuals written for the Certified Hazardous Materials Training program, The Visiting Science Professor program, and other educational and training programs offered by  Forensic Science Experts, Inc. and our other companies.

  • Video (DVD, CD, VHS), film, slide, and photo images (in printed and/or electronic format) of tornadoes, lightning, storm clouds, and other weather phenomena; mountains, lakes, beaches; planets and galaxies; and other items for use in scientific studies or with various consumer products, from T-shirts to computer screen savers to food item labels (for example, "Twister"). 

Scientific Textbooks, Online Seminars, and Software:

  • Interactive Internet (Online) seminars, classes, and courses.

  • Special latest-technology scientific textbooks, laboratory manuals, and other literature, written by prominent  Forensic Science Experts professors or other scientists.

  • Special climatic display software and videos  for schools, business, and government.

  • Other scientific and engineering software.

  • Scientific and engineering DVD, CD, PowerPoint, videotape, film, slides, and other projection-screen, television-monitor, and computer presentations.

Possible topics  for each of the above programs, public lectures, documentaries, software, or textbooks include:

Accident prevention

African Rift Valley.

Aging of bridges and infrastructure.

Air quality / air pollution in China and elsewhere.

Animal behavior.

Arctic / Antarctic climates and life forms.



Arachnology / spiders.

Asteroids and possible collisions with Earth.

Beach erosion.

Beach restoration.



Big bang theory.

Biometeorology and bioclimatology.

Bridge deterioration, present conditions, repairs.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Cardiovascular health and conditioning.

Chile earthquakes of 1960 and 2010.

China earthquakes of 1556 and 2010.

Climate / climatic change.

Cockroaches, cockroach control.

Cold weather safety.

Comets and possible collisions with Earth.

Construction defects analysis and remediation.

Consumer products safety.

Continental drift.

Corrosion of water supply and sewer pipes.

Crickets and grasshoppers.

Dams / reservoirs / dam safety / dam reinforcement.

Daylight Saving Time.

Deserts:  climate and life forms.

Diabetes and diabetes control. 

DNA, human, animal, and plant.

Doppler effect:  sound and light. 

Droughts and water shortages.

Earth, our planet.

Earthquake hazards.

Earthquake safety.

Earthquakes; faults.

Earth's magnetic field.

Eclipses, Solar and Lunar.

El Niño and La Niña.

Endangered species and habitats.

Entomology / insects.

Environmental protection.


Expert witnesses; expert testimony.

Eyjafjallajokull, Katma, Grimsvötn, Laki, and other Iceland volcanoes.

Floods and flood control.

Fog:  types and origins; ground fog, ice fog; dry fog.

Fort Tejon earthquake of 1857.

Fossil fuels.

Geothermal energy development.

Glaciers and ice ages, glacial melting.

Global warming.

Grand Coulee Dam.

Greenhouse gasses.

Ground water.

Haiti earthquake of 2010.

Health and wellness.

Heart health.

Heat extremes; effects upon humans and animals.

Heat index.

Heat islands:  urban effects on temperature.

Hot weather safety.

Hurricanes / typhoons / tropical storms.

HVAC:  Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

Hoover Dam.

Hurricane Katrina of 2005. 

Hydroelectric power.

Hydrologic cycle.

Ice ages.

Icebergs; floating sea ice.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami of 2004.

Infrastructure:  deterioration, present conditions, repairs.

Insects, beneficial and harmful.

Insect eradication.

Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Krakatoa Volcano of 1883..

Lakes:  natural and manmade; fresh water and salt water.

Landslides, mudslides.

Light / light waves / colors, prism effects, rainbows.

Little Ice Age.


Lunar eclipses.

Marine layer weather effects.

Mass extinctions - past and potential future. 

Maunder minimum.

Mega tsunamis.

Melting glaciers and ice packs.

Microbursts / downbursts.

Monsoon, Asian.

Monsoon, Southwest U.S.

Montserrat Soufriere Hills volcano of 1995.

Moon phases, lunar cycle.

Mosquitoes and mosquito control. 

Mountains / effects upon weather and climate.

Mt. Pelee volcano of 1902.

Mr. Pinatubo volcano of 1991.

Mt. St. Helens volcano of 1980.

Mr. Vesuvius volcano of 79 AD and 1944.

Natural resources.

Northridge earthquake of 1994.

Nuclear energy production.

Nuclear power plants.

Ocean currents.

Oceans of the world.

Oil spills and oil cleanup. 

Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

Pakistan earthquakes of 2008-2010.

Pest control.

Physical fitness.

Planets of the solar system.

Pleistocene Epoch.

Power plants: deterioration, present condition, repairs.

Public works infrastructure.

Radio frequency interference.


Rain forests:  climate and life forms.


Renewable energy generation.

Rivers and streams; stream flow.

Rodents and rodent control.

Runoff and river flow.

San Andreas Fault.

San Fernando earthquake of 1971.

San Francisco earthquake of 1906. 

Santorini / Thera volcano of approx. 1627-1600 BCE.

Sea level rise. 

Sea surface temperatures; effects upon weather and climate.

Seasons / length of day and night; variations with latitude. 

Sharks and shark attacks.

Snails and slugs. 

Snow and ice, snowmelt.

Snowball Earth.

Soil and Water Contamination

Soil and Water Sampling and Testing

Solar eclipses.

Solar energy generation.

Solar energy panels.

Solar system.

Sound / sound waves / pitch / sound propagation / speed of sound.

Spiders / arachnology..

Storm chasing / storm tracking. 

Storm surges.


Structural Integrity Analysis and Remediation.

Sun glare and driving hazards.

Sunrise / sunset / twilight.

Super volcanoes.

Tambora Volcano of 1815.


Termites and termite control. 

Thermo-haline ocean circulation and effects upon climate.

Tides, tidal energy.

Time zones / International Date Line.

Toba Super Volcano.

Tornado Alley.


Toxic substances / releases.

Tsunami warning systems.

Tsunamis / tsunamis of 2004, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  

Turkey earthquakes or recent years. 

Typhoons (see Hurricanes)

Urban flooding.

Volcanic dust and ash / effects on air travel. 

Volcanoes:  historical and prehistoric.

Volcanoes:  sunrise / sunset colors; effects on climate.

Volcanoes, vulcanology.

Water law.

Water quality/ / water pollution.

Water reclamation.

Water resources and conservation / water law; water pollution.

Water safety.


Waves / surf.

Weather modification; cloud and fog seeding.

Weather safety.

Wetlands and wildlife habitats.


Wind chill.

Wind energy generation.

Wind energy turbines.

Winter weather, extreme cold; effects on humans and animals.

Winter weather safety.

Year without a summer, 1816.

Yellowstone Super Volcano.

Zoology / study of animals.


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